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Sample Bb Portfolio Layouts / User Support Documentation

Question asked by jason.rhode on Jul 20, 2015
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To help students and faculty get a better feel for the layout options as well as media elements that can be included in a Blackboard Portfolio we at NIU created the following sample Blackboard Portfolios to demonstrate the layout and organizational options available, sharing here for any others that might find them helpful:


Sample Layout 1 (Left Vertical Navigation) -


Sample Layout 2 (Right Vertical Navigation) -


Sample Layout 3 (Right Navigation Box) -


Sample Layout 4 (Horizontal Navigation) -


NIU is also developing a comprehensive set of documentation, guides, and tutorials for faculty and students in their use of the Blackboard Portfolio tool. Visit (for students) or (for faculty) to see currently available Bb Portfolio resources and check back again later in August…more to come!


Has your institutional implemented the Blackboard Portfolio tool? Leave a comment and let's connect further.




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