What's In A Name?

Discussion created by marissa.dimino on Jul 20, 2015
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We need YOUR help in brainstorming names for the next generation of Building Blocks!


The term “Building Blocks” has interchangeably referred to

1) The in-process integration framework

2) The partner integration program

3) The integration code itself


Today's sentence:

Customers will use Building Blocks to create Building Blocks to customize and extend Blackboard.


Here's a sample sentence to get those creative naming juices flowing:

Customers will use Bb Foundation Framework (BFF) to create BbLinx to customize and extend Blackboard.


What do we need from you?

1) Join this discussion! Like and/or comment on this post and previously submitted names, start a new discussion with your own suggestions, get involved!

2) We’ll gather those with the most likes, comments and publish a poll in the next few weeks with final contenders


Now as Linda Richman would say, "tawk amongst yourselves!"