How do you annotate student assignments in STEM subjects?

Poll created by andyr on Feb 25, 2019

Hi. Just wanted to gather some views.   As a science lecturer my students' assignments contain a lot of symbolic text.  Giving feedback requires me to use a mixture of equations, drawings and plain text.  Box View's hideously flawed interface is not allowing me to give the quality of feedback that we'd traditionally provide with a good old fashioned pen.  So, if you too have the same challenges...   how do you mark and give feedback to your students in the Blackboard environment?   I'd like to get a sense of what everyone's doing, as I'm on the verge of returning to paper.


Not sure if you can leave comments on a poll but I'd really like to get a sense of what the STEM community in particular are doing about digital marking and annotation of student work.  





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  • Use Box View to annotate seamlessly in a STEM subject. No complaints.
  • Use Box view but only with text boxes because hand annotating doesn't work properly.
  • Use Box view,with some hand annotation, but worry about the appearance and quality of the feedback
  • I use Box view and limit hand annotation using symbolic notation because it's not practical or legible
  • Use Turnitin
  • Print students' digital submissions and hand mark/annotate
  • Students upload to a file space and I edit in Word etc then electronically upload to students.
  • Students upload to a file space and I print, then hand mark and return the old fashioned way
  • Use Bb only to keep a confirmation copy that students have completed their task - they submit on paper