We want to hear your thoughts about the new PLD enrollment action

Poll created by pablo.borbon on Dec 1, 2018

The Open LMS team is working on additional plans for the PLD and we would love to know who do you think would be the main user of the new PLD enrollment action coming in next release. This can help us investigate new layers of permissions and interactions for cross-course rules down the road. e.g. Extra permissions sets and override actions for rules affecting multiple courses.


We have set a couple of use cases as examples, but we are eager to hear from you what other things are you planning to do with his new feature or any other ideas you have for PLD.


PLD enrollment action is coming in Open LMS 3.5 in December

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  • Platform administrators: We want to use enrollment action to create site-wide templates and rules e.g. Create learning plans
  • Managers/Faculty leaders: We want our faculty/department leaders to be able to create enrollment rules that would apply to an entire organizational unit. e.g. create diagnostic quizzes that lead to different enrollment destinations within an unit.
  • Teachers: We want our teachers to be able to manage enrollment dynamically across the courses they manage. e.g. Create diagnostic activity to separate students across different courses based on their previous knowledge.