Are you planning to adopt the new Usage Reports for Blackboard Intelligence?

Poll created by rscherer on Aug 2, 2017

We recently released Usage Reporting for all modules, which allows you to:


  • Promote analytics adoption by understanding how much their reporting environments (Pyramid BI, SSRS, Blackboard Learn) are being used, in what ways, and by whom.
  • Support institutional best practices around analytics use through an understanding of peak reporting periods for comparison against recommended decision-making timelines.
  • Support system administration through the ability to monitor trends in report performance and return execution status details.


Are you planning to adopt this feature at your institution? Please vote and leave a comment!


Read More >> New Release! Usage Reporting for ALL MODULES!

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  • Yes, within 1-3 months!
  • Yes, but I plan to wait a while.
  • Maybe ... I want to learn more about it first.
  • No, not on the horizon for me.
  • Other - please leave a comment.