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Blog Post created by yoleneors on Apr 5, 2016

Here is a recap of the feature requests/suggestions posted on Community on the subject of Tests in Blackboard.


Set a time when answers are submitted and students are kicked out of the test

Description :

     Currently : In the test deployment options, you can combine different settings to restrict the availability of the test accordign to a specific timing :

_ Due date + don't enable students to start after due date

_ Availability date : end date : students can't see nor enter the test after this date/time (the result is similar to "due date+ don't enable" )

_ Timer : from the moment they started a test, students get a specific amount of minutes to completee it. (= if the student is 30 minutes late for a 60 minutes test, he still gets 60 minutes from the moment he starts the test (if he doesn't get kicked out from the exam room


    The issue :  There seem to be no way to have settings in Blackboard corresponding to a quite common situation in an exam room : You want students to "hand out" their exam copies at a certain time and that's it. So basically for an online test it would mean 1 extra deployment setting : "Exam closing time" : the answers are submitted and the students kicked out of the test when whichever of these two conditions happen first :

_ the timer is expired (ex: they had been in the test for 60 minutes)


_ the "exam closing time" is due (ex: no matter what time they entered the test, now they're kicked out of it and their answers submitted.


Why does it matter ? What's the impact ?

This feature has been asked for by Professors many time, as it is a natural transcription online of something that happens in the class. The test availability options only enable to make sure students who arrive really late at the exam don't get to do it; but the lack  of a "closing time" setting means that a student who's late for the exam may actually manage to get as much time as others instead of seeing his time reduced by the fact that he started late.

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Have an easy way for Professors to try their own Test

Description :

     Currently : We always recommend to Professors to test their own test by taking it, before they make it availalable for students.

Currently : they can't do so in student preview mode, because then they won't see the Test, as it is not available for students. If they take it as a professor, they won't see the grade since the professor is not listed in the grade center.

So for now what we advise them is one of these two options :

a) Build and deploy the Test in their personal  sandbox course, make it available there and take it there, then when it's all good export it and import it in the actual course AND deploy it with Test options again. -> it's a lot of playing around ,and they risk loosing proper settings by having to deploy it a second time

b) Build and deploy the Test in the course, but set feedback dispaly option to see the correct answe,r the number of points, etc for each question. Then take the test as a Professor and make sure it's all fine on the last feedback page. Then disable those extensive feedback options (most of the time they don't want students to have that much details because then it's easy to pass around questions and answers). -> it means they need to deploy with extensive parameters then change it, with risks of mistakes or forgetting to disable it.

    The issue :  It would be great to have something replicating the behavior of option "b" but just with a click "Try the Test" and they get to see each question like a student, to answer it, and to make sure points are calculated the way they intended it.

For like of an easy option, many professors don't try their test before the actual exam, and then they have sometime the bad surprise to see it doesn't look how they expected, or points don't get calculated the way they had understood it would.

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