What’s your advice?

Blog Post created by tjatkin on Apr 9, 2018

I recently chatted with Jonathan Knight and Matthew Deeprose, two of Blackboard’s MVPs, to get some insights as I prepared for the upcoming Teaching & Learning Conference in Manchester, England.  During our conversation, we talked about the Blackboard Community Site and ways in, which the broader community provides help and insights.  The Community Site has a LOT of information and it can be daunting to know how to navigate to what is most valuable.  So, Matt shared one of his tricks for finding information he feels will be most impactful for him.  He “follows” key individuals, and then through a quick check of his Community site inbox every morning, he can quickly stay up-to-date with relevant conversations. Thanks Matt for sharing!


Here are some other tips and best practices for using the Blackboard Community Site. Please share any of your tips or tricks in the comments.


Customize your feed – and get notifications of new content!

You can create your own news stream! You can control how you receive updates and quickly get to the items you want based on tag, people and/or places.  This ensures you’ll never miss an update from certain people and places. You’ll note the little blue dot that might appear next to your news stream; this signals that new content has been added since the last time you visited that feed. You can also opt for either email or mobile notifications!









Receive updates directly in your inbox

The follow tool is another feature that helps provide updates on the information that’s important to you. You can follow content, places and people and also opt into where you receive those updates. Many of us work out of our email inboxes and if that’s the case, be sure to select “Inbox” under the option “Follow” (highlighted below)

We also live in a world of electronic notifications and it’s easy to overwhelm our inboxes. You can also control how frequently you’re receiving notifications under My Stuff (My Preferences).