3 Reasons to Submit for the Blackboard Catalyst Awards

Blog Post created by sherynanthes on Apr 6, 2017

Education plays an increasing and complex role in our communities—impacting everything from how we’re preparing tomorrow’s workforce, to engaging and empowering learners—regardless of age, to leading change within institutions and throughout society. Keeping up with this changing landscape is demanding.  That’s why we created the Catalyst Awards: to identify and honor those who push the boundaries of educational programs, promote innovation, and deliver exceptional learning experiences—regardless of the learner.  We’ve expanded the Blackboard Catalyst Awards categories to encompass this changing education landscape.


While there are many reasons to participate, we’ll mention just three reasons why it makes sense to submit your program for a Catalyst Award:


#1: Get recognized for your work.

We know you’re proud of the work you do. Submitting for a Catalyst Award will help get your program into the hands of the leaders, educators and students who would most benefit from it.


#2: Personal professional development.

Learning is a life-long endeavor.  You’ll receive feedback on your program and connect with colleagues from around the world, creating opportunities for lasting exchange and collaboration.


#3: Boost your standing in your community and institution

Earning a Catalyst Award speaks volumes to your innovation and professional expertise. We were all novices once, seeking out experts in our field, and feel confident that a Catalyst Award will distinguish you as someone that others turn to for advice and feedback, someone to consult on your field’s best practices.


The Blackboard Catalyst Awards Program is open to all Blackboard customers. Please visit the Catalyst Awards page on the Blackboard Community site  to learn more about the program and review the categories. We are accepting submissions through May 8th. We look forward sharing and celebrating your achievements!