Porfolio: Accesibility, readability, contrast and CSS....

Blog Post created by rick.dijs on Jul 20, 2018

Today I decided to play a bit with the portfolio inside the Blackboard preview environment (ultra) from the company Bb itself. (so not our institution)
Simply to spot any differences....bbpreview.jpg

The disappointment was, there are no differences.... I am talking about the hardly readable text on the buttons:

  • settings
  • preview and customize
  • done editing

So I wanted to create a case on BtBb.... but you can only make cases for installations connected to your own institution...
The added printscreen is made at: https://preview-learn.blackboard.com/ultra/tools/portfolios
So, knowing Blackboard cares about accesibility, I expect them to solve this minor issue.
Don't know how many institutions within the US use the Bb-portfolio, within the Netherlands a few, within Europe probably a few more
So I just wanted to share my experience here.