Updates from Qwickly Seminar 2018

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Qwickly Seminar was held Tuesday in Cleveland, with plenty of news coming about current and new products. Here's a rundown of just some of the items announced.


Qwickly v 5.0 Availability

Qwickly 5.0 will available Tuesday, June 12 for download and will include a variety of enhancements and fixes.  Some highlights:

Qwickly Jot: Built-In assignment types


Qwickly Jot has been upgraded to include a number of "built-in" assignment types, including blank paper, lined-paper, graphing paper, staff-paper and more.  Instructors still have the option to provide their own source file image, but for those that want to use a basic, built-in type, this improvement will be welcomed!


Along with built-in assignment types, we've made some updates to the tool set for drawing, removing a couple of items that didn't make contextual sense and optimizing for usability.


Folder Support for Content Posting in Qwickly+

Our most requested feature of Qwickly+, the ability to post content into folders within a course, is finally here!  Part of Qwickly 5.0 will provide that ability for schools utilizing the Qwickly+ or Qwickly+Cloud product lines.


Qwickly Attendance LTI


For the past 5 years, we've delivered all of our products in a single Blackboard Building Block.  In order to keep current with Blackboard's push to ULTRA (REST APIs, LTI, etc) and to serve additional LMSes, we have launched a feature-parity version of Qwickly Attendance that now uses the LTI standard: Qwickly Attendance LTI.


Qwickly Attendance LTI works with both Blackboard Learn (on SaaS hosted environments) and Canvas at launch, with compatibility with Moodle and Brightspace coming later this year.  In addition, a stand-alone version of Qwickly Attendance will be possible using this same platform.


We highly recommend existing clients move to Qwickly Attendance LTI when possible.  This platform allows for quicker bug fixes, more development opportunities than we have in the building block version, and is the path to full ULTRA compatibility.  And as an added bonus, you can bring your attendance solution with you should you opt to change learning management systems in the future.


Qwickly Attendance Pro

Last year at Qwickly Seminar, we announced our intentions of providing you additional attendance tools, both for taking attendance and handling data.  We previewed Qwickly Attendance Pro at Qwickly Seminar to show attendees what will be out later this summer.  Interested in a more in-depth view?  Visit our booth at BbWorld 18 as we look to launch this product by mid-July.




Thank you to all of our presenter and participants for making the day such a success! For a recap of the day, including some session recordings, visit: