Exciting Updates Coming Shortly for Qwickly Attendance

Blog Post created by mh29919 on Nov 13, 2017

As we head into the end of the fall semester, I thought I would take a moment to outline some of the major new features coming to Qwickly Attendance, as these are features that have been requested over and over by our clients.


'Multi-Reader' Card Reader Mode

Starting in version 4.2, multiple card readers will be able to track a single class session. Just about this time last year, we released our Card Reader Mode for tracking attendance.  This mode allowed you to use existing student ID cards and card readers that could be hooked right up to the computer to take attendance.  This became very popular with schools immediately, however, the major limitation to this mode was that you could only run it from one computer for a class session which meant classes with hundreds of students all had to funnel to a single computer.  Version 4.2 was released on November 15, 2017 with the capability to use multiple card readers to contribute to courses attendance for the day.  You can see an overview of this feature.


Student Photos

One of the most frequent requests we get from schools we get for Qwickly Attendance is showing student photos within the tool so its easier for instructors to identify students when taking attendance.  We agree!  The challenge is getting those students photos into the tool, as every schools stores and handles student id photos differently.  By the end of the year, we will have the ability to integrate your student photos into the tool.


SIS Integration

Earlier this year, we announced Qwickly Attendance Pro would be coming in the next 12 months.  One of the features of this product line will be SIS integration as we get dozens of requests each month about automatically pushing attendance data over to student information systems.  While the Attendance Pro product is not quite ready for production, we will be offering  the SIS integration very shortly thanks to a partnership with another Blackboard partner.  Please note, this integration will require an additional license fee.