Card Reader Mode for Qwickly Attendance

Blog Post created by mh29919 on Nov 29, 2016

Starting in version 3.5.1, which was released in October, Qwickly Attendance features a card reader mode.  Card reader mode works with USB card readers, either magnetic stripe readers (swipe cards) or RFID readers (tap cards).  You can use your own USB card readers or buy from Qwickly (starting in December 2016).


Card reader mode does not require any additional license level above Qwickly Attendance.  Card reader mode works with your existing ID cards, you do not need to use a specific vendor.  This includes Blackboard Transact cards.


Schools who adopt Qwickly Attendance are entitled to a free USB card reader (currently we provide one free USB magnetic stripe card reader for for each client) to test the implementation at your school.  We have found schools and faculty are loving this solution and hope that others will find it useful as well.  If you haven't tried Qwickly Attendance yet, download Qwickly and request a free trial today!


To get a sense for set up of this solution, see this video.