Qwickly version 3.5, now available | Updates to Attendance and OneDrive for Business Integrations

Blog Post created by mh29919 on Oct 13, 2016

Download the newest version of Qwickly now >>
(Please remember after installation, always go into Qwickly Settings and click submit to save the newest configuration.)

We've been hard at work over the summer enhancing and updating all of our product lines.  We highly recommend installing version 3.5 by the end of the calendar year, as it is the most stable and efficient build to date.  Here is an exhaustive list of things that have been changed since version 3.4:


Qwickly Attendance

New Features:

  • Allow System Administrators who are not enrolled in a course to access the Attendance tool (no need to self-enroll into the course to troubleshoot issues).
  • Added the option to round grades to the nearest whole number based on client request.
  • Added total number of sessions to the Absences column heading
  • Enhancements to Grade Center syncing.  Attendance record syncs to Grade Center when attendance records are edited, deleted, or when the settings for how grades should be calculated changes.
  • The attendance record now shows an indicator if there is a comment for a record.
  • Users will receive a warning if they attempt to take attendance more than once in a minute (attendance can only be taken once per minute).
  • System Administrators can now hide build in statuses so that end users can not use them.
  • Instructors can hide system statuses if desired to user only their own (system admin can control this feature).
  • System admins can now change the default values of Present and Absent (grade value and absent value).
  • Starfish exporter included for Beta schools.
  • Qwickly version number is now included in Attendance Settings for better end user support.
  • Added an indicator on the take attendance screen to let you know that you've already taken attendance for that day.
  • Added feature explanations to the Attendance Settings screen to improve user understanding of options.
  • Instructors can now update the attendance status and comments of an attendance record.


  • Resolves an issues in which instructors could not edit the attendance record of a student with an apostrophe (') in his/her name
  • Resolves an issue that would not allow an instructor to delete an attendance column if grade center integration was turned off
  • Validates course settings to prevent settings errors that could break the tools if an instructor enters invalid settings.
  • Resolves an issue in which instructors using Safari on the MacOS could not start a check in period.
  • Attendance record screen now shows a message when there are no records instead of a blank screen.
  • Fixes an issue in which system admin settings for Student Check in were not overriding course settings.
  • Fixes an issue which would cause course-level setting to appear to not save and error out.
  • Fixes an issue  in which grading attendance per session would award students an extra point in the grade center.
  • Changes the default grade center column display to points.
  • Made adjustments to the alert that Attendance has already been taken for today so it is less confusing.
  • Fixes an issue in which instructors could not properly set the attendance status for usernames containing a period.
  • Fixed an issue in which students could not check in if they had no previous attendance record.
  • Resolved an issue that could occur using a comma to separate decimals from whole numbers in percent of Absence and percent of points.
  • Students that are disabled or unavailable in the course no longer show up in the attendance list.
  • Fixes an issue that would some times cause an edited status to not appear to save in the attendance record.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause a crash if a non-numeric character was entered in the timer setting.
  • Fixed an issue that would allow students to check in after timer closed if the student was on the check in screen before the timer ended but checked in after check-in had closed.
  • Corrected on screen text that told students they needed to enter a PIN for check in, even if it was not required.
  • Improved accessibility requirements on the Attendance Settings screen.
  • Naming an attendance sessions now works correctly.



  New Features:

  • Easier set up of OneDrive for Business, merged OneDrive for Business and OneDrive Personal.  Now uses Microsoft official OneDrive file picker.
  • Resolves some linking issues created by use of Microsoft's old API.
  • Enhancements to the reliability and stability of all cloud integration.
  • Students can now choose to link cloud assignment submissions, especially useful for large files (videos, audio, large graphic files).


  • Resolves some linking issues created by use of Microsoft's old API.