10 Reasons to LOVE the new Qwickly Attendance

Blog Post created by mh29919 on Jun 16, 2016

Qwickly will be releasing a Final BETA of Qwickly Attendance (Summer 2016) today, June 16, 2016 with a final release scheduled for Thursday July 22, 2016.  We've been hard at work adding the most requested features and some functionality we know our users have been wanting.  So here are the 10 reasons you're going to love Qwickly Attendance for Blackboard Learn even more than you already do:


1. Excused Absences

Instructors can now mark students as "excused" which completely takes that session out of the attendance equation.  They do not receive points for the day, nor lose points; the date is also not counted as an absence.  Essentially the student is completely excused from being counted that session.

2. Customized Statuses

Each status supports having some percentage of an absence and points, allowing you to tap into the powerful attendance algorithm beneath Qwickly Attendance.  Create statuses like Tardy, Bonus, Early Departure,  and have them tap into the power of the Qwickly Attendance grading and absence algorithm.

3. Updated User Interface

Qwickly Attendance has a familiar but updated interface with a sleek design that makes space for the newest features of Qwickly Attendance.

4. Improved Admin Control

System Admins can now control which features of Qwickly Attendance instructors can use.

5. Customized email alerts

Instructors can have automated email alerts sent to students that have been customized by the instructor to include their own message.


Comments can be associated with each attendance record, allowing instructors to keep track of reasons for absence or other notes.

7. Multiple sessions per day with column labeling

There is no limit to the number of times you can take attendance in a day.  For easy identification of a session, instructors can label the session.

8. Delete sessions

Instructors can now delete a session entirely instead of simply resetting the attendance for that date.

9. Faster Setup

The Qwickly Attendance screen has been simplified so getting to use the tool for the first time is much faster.

10. Absence and Point Statistics

Now instructors can see the number of absences and the point values associated with student records in the Attendance Record screen. These stats are also included when they download to a CSV file.


Qwickly Attendance is part of the Qwickly Building Block and can be downloaded at

Version 3.4  will support all the features above and more!