Qwickly Attendance is getting some exciting enhancements this summer

Blog Post created by mh29919 on May 6, 2016

Since the release of Qwickly Attendance, we have been collecting client requests and have been working to integrate these requests into Qwickly Attendance. Early this summer, we will be releasing a new version of Qwickly Attendance that unlocks a new level of power for users and schools. Some of the new feature highlights:

  • Create Custom Attendance Statuses: This has been our biggest request to date. These statuses will also support assigning more meaningful information, such as a percentage of an absence or percentage of points (or both), allowing you to tap into the powerful attendance algorithm beneath Qwickly Attendance. Here are some examples of how they work:   System Admins can set up these statuses and even allow faculty to create their own.
    • Present is worth 100% of the days points and is 0% of an absence
    • Absent is worth 0% of the days points and 100% of an absence
    • Tardy could be worth 90% of the days points and be considered 33% of an absence (3 tardies = 1 absence)
  • Excused Absences: A new attendance type that shows as an absence but is omitted from being counted against them when totaling the student grade.
  • Comments Associated with absence: Keep track of information related to the student's absence with a comment.
  • Absence Stats for a course: At a glance, see aggragate information about which students have been missing class the most.
  • Ability to take attendance multiple times per day: Have a lab and class the same day? Take attendance for both.
  • Ability to delete a column: You'll no longer need to "reset" attendance for a day to delete the column.
  • Student check-in countdown: Students can get a visual countdown of when the check-in period ends.

There are more features than what we've outlined above, but these are some of the changes we thought you'd be interested to know about. As always, we'll release a full set of changes notes when the new version is available.


Qwickly Attendance was built for simple attendance tracking directly inside of Blackboard Learn for faculty with grade center integrations and allows students to check-in to their course, if faculty allow it. For more information about Qwickly Attendance, visit .