ListServs For Bb Clients

Blog Post created by melissa.stange on Aug 19, 2015

Listservs are "small programs that automatically redistributes e-mail to names on a mailing list. Users can subscribe to a mailing list by sending an e-mail note to a mailing list they learn about; listserv will automatically add the name and distribute future e-mail postings to every subscriber." (TechTarget, 2011).


Some advantages of listservs are email is available everywhere, accommodates longer messages than tweeter, can be private or public, usually get faster interaction due to people having email notifications on more than social media notifications, you can include links, use spell check, and in some cases share attachments. I personally use Listservs as a way to get information and help from my peers who may have already found a solution and to see if I am the only one having the problem. Often I reach out to the listservs to help determine if I need to submit a support ticket or while waiting for an answer from support.


I have posted a document that list some listservs that clients using Learn might want to consider subscribing to at Learn ListServs Listing . If you do not like my list you can also use Bb's list at On there list you can sort by product (Learn, Connect, and Transact) and user role (Instructor or System Administrator). You can even request a setup of a new listserv there. Yes, these list servs are run by clients but do have Bb employees participating on them, which in my opinion is a plus for both clients and Bb Inc.


In my mind, I see Bb moving the Listserv request into the new community site, maybe there is even a listserv tool within Jive we haven't heard about yet. I do think think those clients running a listserv may want to consider using the new community site instead, but some users will not feel comfortable posting within the community system like they do on a list, so I do not foresee the Bb Listservs going away.