Achievements (aka: Badges & Certificates) in Learn 9.1

Blog Post created by melissa.stange on Jul 28, 2015

It takes just a few steps to setup achievements:

  1. Go to Course Tools, Achievements
  2. Click “Create Achievement” button
  3. Select Achievement type (Course Completion, Milestone, Custom)
  4. Decide if you want students to be able to see achievement (Yes/No)
  5. Type a description to explain what badge is for and how earned
  6. Define Triggers
  7. Choose the Reward (Badge or Certificate)
  8. Upload custom graphic or select one provided, if badge
  9. Allow publication to Mozilla (Yes/No), if badge
  10. Hit “Submit” button to issue



Lessons learned from using Achievements within Learn 9.1:

  • If only content is copied between courses, the trigger rules are lost.
  • If content is not included in a copy or export/import, achievements are not captured.
  • Select both content & adaptive release rules to get copied correctly
  • Faculty reporting is limited to viewing on screen by default
  • Bb Admins have to setup goals before faculty can add as an alignment to get on Goal Coverage report
  • Had to add extra content (lecture) to explain badging & badge Backpack
  • Takes time to setup initially
  • Learning terminology (badge versus achievements and triggers)
  • Assignment changes may cause badges not to get issued
  • Trigger elements not changeable, have to recreate instead
  • No direct path to change rewards
  • Students can track their own progress (earned & unearned)
  • Based on specific student performance matric
  • Can issue badges and/or certificates
  • Upload to Mozilla Open Backpack, if instructor approved
  • Faculty selects how & where badge information displays to students
  • Badge information only viewable when course is active/available
  • Certificates have limited customization options, different colors, & 8X11 in size
  • Badges allow more customization, can upload own graphics
  • Graphic size is important, Bb will auto adjust image which may cause distortion


Custom Image Tips:

Thank to the hosted support team for coming up with the following chart to help us better create graphics. They had three test badges in a course, uploading a different image to each. The average size of the images uploaded was ~557 x 371 @ 75kb. Once they had uploaded them, they downloaded the Badges folder from the course. The containing images had been scaled down to an average of 90 x 59 @ 13kb.


Original SizeOriginal ResolutionNew SizeNew Resolution
Image 168 KB640 x 48012 KB90 x 67
Image 268 KB530 x 30013 KB90 x 50
Image 386 KB500 x 33314 KB90 x 59


Additional references for using digital badges in the classroom:



I suggest also taking a look at the Gamification Leaderboard building block on Oscelot as another fun way to engage students. The building block can be found at