Updating our preprod environment to 2018 Q4 CU3

Blog Post created by mdeeprose on Feb 28, 2019

A quick post about our preprod upgrade to 2018 Q4 CU3.


We experienced the same ORA-00001 error I reported in Upgrading two dev environments to 2018 Q4  this time we tried running the installer again.  The row conflict PK1 it reports went up by 1.  Running the installer a third time it reached a vacant row and proceeded.  So next time we know to keep running the installer until it works (if only all workarounds were so simple).


The upgrade went smooth.  We found that a few fixes we were applying were no longer necessary, specifically the XSS fix (the file is good on 2018 Q4), the Safari upload fix, the Xythos Cross Server Communication Fix, the Forum is enabled issue, and the JDK 1.8.0_151 and 1.8.0_152 Break Grade Center issue fixes were no longer required).


The main new setting I had not realised we had to set was via the GUI:

System Admin - Cloud Connector Settings - Regional Cloud.


Although we have set in, because support told us to use the closest location to us listed in Regions and Availability Zones - Amazon Relational Database Service We also had to set the regional cloud setting through the GUI, which only has a limited number of locations available, not matching those in Regions and Availability Zones - Amazon Relational Database Service - only one European location is available in the GUI compared with 5 on the Amazon listing.


Hopefully the difference will not cause a problem later...