Examining log files post-upgrade

Blog Post created by mdeeprose on Feb 9, 2017

2lM8t1a.jpgFollowing an upgrade it’s always worth checking over the log files to see if any new errors or warnings appear.


Blackboard have a nice write up of useful log files to check here:


Following our upgrade to 9.1 Q4 2016 we found that in the tomcat stdout-stderr.logs were much larger. In fact they were about 30,000% larger than the same log on a 9.1 Q4 2015 server.


The logs were filled up with the following phrase repeated every 30 seconds:


We raised a ticket with Blackboard and my linux expert colleague Michael Nemetz also found a good link on stackoverflow


Blackboard told us this issue is due to be fixed in 9.1 Q2 2017 and agreed with the stackoverflow suggestion.


We resolved the issue  doing the following:


and then restarting Blackboard.


N.B. I had tried using "pre" tags around the logs and the resolution above, but they ended up formatting in a long scrollable list and not very readable.  So I made graphics instead.


-------->>>>>>   Update    <<<<--------

We found that this fix didn't work on our next Blackboard upgrade on a second dev server.


We resolved this by following the tip posted to the BBADMIN-L mailing list by Rosalind Benoit  which was to add the attribute






In the file.  With this we could remove our previous fix.