Host "Virtual Office Hours" in your Blackboard course with Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Blog Post created by jacobspradlin@gmail.com on Jun 14, 2018

Host “Virtual Office Hours” in your Blackboard course with Blackboard Collaborate Ultra


collab_sessions.pngOnline instructors face the unique challenge of trying to provide office hours in a digital environment. There are many applications out there that can be used like Skype, Google Hangouts and other messaging/meeting clients.   Those tools are good communication vehicles in their own right, but they come with a couple of things you might want to consider:


  • Your students will need to leave the Blackboard environment
  • They require a separate login (username/password)


Using Collaborate Ultra for office hours also allows for easy recording and sharing of a question or problem discussed in the meeting that might benefit the class.  For instance, if you were answering a student’s specific question about the use of pivot tables in excel, you could record that interaction and make it available for other students in your class. 


#PROTIP: Placing a link in the Virtual Office section of your online course with instructions on when and how to take part in “Office Hours” is a good practice.