Pre-test / Post-test

Blog Post created by franklund on Aug 12, 2016

Ok, now for something a little more positive... I use a variety of measures to assess student learning in my courses. When I can, I try to leverage the powers of Blackboard to support these efforts. One way that I do this is through pre-tests and post-tests given as  a Blackboard quiz. A 40-question multiple-choice quiz is given during the first and last weeks of instruction. The questions are randomly drawn from a bank of 123 questions. The students are given five bonus points for attempting the quiz (to encourage participation) and another five bonus points if they score at or above 75% correct (to encourage intellectual effort). The results of the pre- and post-tests are downloaded from the Blackboard grade center by selecting “download results” from the contextual menu for the appropriate grade columns. I have written R scripts to de-identify the data and aggregate the results by student and by question. The scripts also generate a standard report that is handy for reporting assessment finds. I have made all my materials available (documentation, example processed data, and code) to enable you to reproduce and extend my work. You can find it all in a GitHub repo:


GitHub - WeeBeasties/pre-post: A set of R scripts to process pre- and post-test results from my Blackboard courses


Feel free to clone these and modify them. Cheers till later.