Eric Silva

Our Q2 2017 Learn Upgrade Communication Plan

Blog Post created by Eric Silva on Dec 21, 2017

Our university is currently scheduled to have a major Learn Upgrade this December, so I thought I'd share our communication plan to share ideas and see how other institutions announce new features to their users. As part of our upgrade, we're rolling out Q2 2017 (currently on October 2015), Blackboard Ally, Eessysoft Support and Messaging, and the Learn 2016 theme. With the launch of all these new technologies, we're in overdrive trying to notify all our users of the new features they can expect in the Spring of 2018.


How we notified our users

Once the upgrade date was set, our team began working to design marketing material and schedule "What's New" Training Sessions. Below are the ways we notified our users of the upcoming upgrade.



Website Slider




Campus TVs

Support Center_600.jpg

Bb Module