Changing the assignment grading bar

Blog Post created by emunoz on Jun 22, 2018

By that, I mean the area on the right where we can write comments, open the rubrics and add a grade to students.


/*grading area, this will make the background light gray instead of light blue*/

#currentAttempt .attemptHeader, #currentAttempt .gradeSubmissionPanel, #currentAttempt .panelHandle {

    background-color: #F6F6F6 !important; 


/*This is the area where the student's name show up. Originally has a degraded gray, might not fit with modern "flat" styles*/

.user-navigator {

    background: none #DADADA;


/* grading area headers, originally dark gray */

.gradingPanelHeader, .gradeHeader, .maximizer_btn, .gradingPanelCollapse_btn.expanded, .resizeControls, .gradingPanelCollapse_btn {

    background-color: #881536!important;


And this is how it looks: