5 Tips to Improve Your Students’ Blackboard App Experience

Blog Post created by eh0054212 on Mar 20, 2018

Students are constantly on the go and want anywhere, anytime access to Blackboard Learn. Today I’m sharing 5 quick tips to help you ensure your students have the best experience using the Blackboard app. Have other tips to share? Please comment below!




  1. Enable the Latest Mobile B2: Make sure your institution is on the latest Mobile Web Services Building Block to ensure users have access to the latest features and app enhancements.
    • Self and managed hosting clients: Always be up to date with the latest cumulative update, which will include the latest Mobile B2. This chart will help you determine the best available Mobile B2 for your Learn version, and bookmark this page stay up-to-date with Mobile B2 release notes here.
    • SaaS clients: No need to worry, you’re always on the latest version.
  2. Check Your Login Policy: Our apps give students and educators easy access to Learn at a moment’s notice. Check your login policy to make sure users don’t get timed out of their mobile app sessions, forcing them to input their user name and password each time they want to access the app even if they have opted to stay logged in. This simple step will give students that easy, on-the-go access they’re looking for. This setting can be updated in the administrator panel under Building Blocks. Picture2.png
  3. Drive Offline Awareness: With offline capabilities now available in the Blackboard app, students have continuous access to course content when no internet connection is available, truly allowing them to engage with content anytime, anywhere. Learn more about offline content access here, and make sure your institution meets the offline technical requirements.
  4. Encourage Mobile-Friendly Content Creation: Offering mobile-friendly content to students using the Blackboard app can improve student engagement and participation. Help instructors understand how to create mobile-friendly content by sharing our Starters Guide to Mobile-Friendly Courses E-book or by encouraging instructors to attend our upcoming webinar (May 24, 2018), Mobile Learning 101: Creating mobile-friendly courses & driving learner engagement.
  5. Set up App-to-App Launching: Students want easy access to their academic information in one place. Use our app linking schema, to set up a simple way to link to the app from other applications – like your school’s campus app or website. You can choose from a variety of places to link to like a specific assignment or the Activity Stream. To get started, head to the help site to learn more about app-to-app launching.


Whether you’re rolling out the Blackboard app for the first time or promoting a new feature, these 5 tips will help ensure that your students have a great experience when they use the Blackboard app. And, don’t forget to check out our adoption toolkit, which has tons of resources to help you promote the Blackboard app. Again, if you have other tips to share, please share them in the comments below!