BIRT Basic Templates

Blog Post created by ahulme on Mar 7, 2017

These templates consist of 2 RPT files.  One to be used in Eclipse and one setup for Learn.  These are the same designed but different Data Sources so you can test first in Eclipse before deploying to Learn.


Import the attached Project into Eclipse.


File > Import > Existing Project Into Work space > Archive


Check your JRE is set correctly.


  • Right Click on build.xml
  • Go to "Run As" >> "External Tools Configurations..."
  • It shall open new window
  • Go to JRE tab
  • Select proper JRE if missing. Update this to your JDK 1.7 Folder.


Add platform JAR from to Lib directory.



  Setup Build Path

  • Right Click on Project > Properties
  • Libraries
  • Add Jar > Select the platform Jar



Build the Project:


  1. Right Click on Build.xml > Run As" >> "Ant Build"
  2. If you do not have BB installed locally you will see the error and this can be ignored.

[b2deploy] Installing: C:\Software Dev\workspace\BIRT2017Templates\BBBB-2015BIRTExampleSystemReportSelectCourse/BBBB-2015BIRTExample.war to

[b2deploy] --- Server Side Stacktrace ---

[b2deploy] ERROR

[b2deploy] java.io.FileNotFoundException: Could not find C:\blackboard\apps\service-wrapper\bin\null


   3. Upload the B2 created to a Blackboard system

  • System Admin
  • Building Blocks
  • Installed Tools
  • Upload Building Block


Test the Custom Report:


  • System Admin
  • System Reporting
  • Statistics Reports
  • Run the new Report



  • Select Report Type (PDF, Excel, Word, HTML)
  • Select Course using course widget and Submit


Report will contain the Course PK1 and all users on the Course.


Open the report.