Community Transparent Module Overlay

Blog Post created by ahulme on May 9, 2016

Overview:  Many institutions would like a Student to agree to their IT terms before getting access to a system and would like this tracked.   As part of our Internal Training in Support we like to create examples of real world challenges to help develop our skills in line with our customer focus.


This B2 was created by Garry Harper in EMEA support as an example to be shared and freely modified by the Blackboard user base.


Install B2.


    Building Blocks > Installed Tools > Upload Building Blocks.




There is now a new Module installed on the system.  For demonstration purposes we will create a custom tab to show how this work.



Create new Module.

Tabs and Modules > Modules > Create Module > Set Module Type to Overlay




Make this available for all users just for testing.


Create the Content.


Set the text for the Overlay and the Opacity.




Set the text for the Module.



Add the Module to a tab.

Tabs and Modules > Tabs Select the tab and select default content.


Select the new Module you have created.





See the results:


In the new tab you will see your text.  Click agree and this will be tracked in the portal registry table.  This will only display once unless you select the Module button again to review the Overlay. In this case some  helpful text like “What did I agree to?” is handy.






Notes:  Attached is the source and B2.  This will be uploaded to www.oscelot.org as well for community  sharing. All the text in the b2 is hard coded at the moment and does not use the language bundles.