Blog Post created by agt2809 on Dec 9, 2018

Of all the ways I can approach our communication, I couldn't help myself but to the recollection of those past orations from the most distinguished and eloquent of communicators history has revealed to us all. Among them we find individuals from all established titles, but tell me, what separates their thoughts from ours and ours from each other's? Of all the ways we can write, why do we choose that style, that tone, with that information, and stance? Communication is expression, and all are alluding to an insight of ourselves and an impact on our listeners. To this must be added, though, that interpretation is also a part of communication and an equally important factor in attaining our goals; because what we want to express is only useful if the interpreter can understand what it is they are registering - which requires knowledge. Nevertheless, as a Social Science major, I find communication to play a pivotal role in dictating my success for use of the above reasons and hope to learn how to use it for an advantage throughout my college experience.