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There are a few issues with the 2016 theme but the fixes are spread out in threads here and on various mailing lists which makes it hard for people moving to the 2016 theme to know where to start/what to prioritise so I thought it might be useful to try to collate them.   The way it works is you can use this thread for general discussion and to… (Show more)
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Matters Most
Click to view content(this post is a continuation from my prior post in September 2018)   Time for another update on this topic! This month's update will be short but juicy, so let's dive in:   Addition of 'Comment Summary' to Annotated PDF Downloads When we rolled out the 'download PDFs with annotations' capability, one of the pieces of feedback we received was that… (Show more)
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We will be switching on the display of a Cookie Disclosure popup next week. In the popup there is a standard Bb text but there is an option to insert a link to our institution's cookie and privacy policy. This is good and we will make use of that option. However, it is not userfriendly that the link opens in the same tab/page. This means that…
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The first rule of upgrade club is that everyone talks about upgrade club.   The purpose of this thread is for anyone doing an upgrade this year to check in, state what version/platform they are on now, and to what version they plan to upgrade.  Maybe we can find some useful common ground and exploit some synergies?   At Southampton it feels like… (Show more)
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Mark your calendar for Blackboard's Teaching & Learning Conference ANZ 2019 in Sydney, August 20-22!   We’re already hard at work building the best conference yet—don't miss out!   Visit to view pricing, learn more and sign up to be notified when registration opens.
I have Bb SaaS environment so I miss my ability to Archive and Restore courses via command-line...    We have three SaaS sites:   LIVE, STAGE ( periodic clone of LIVE ) , and test ( empty shell )   I need to periodically archive or export courses from LIVE and restore them into our TEST (or STAGE) environment but this (so far as I can tell)… (Show more)
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Is there any chance that Blackboard is considering developing an online test generator similar to what the College of Southern Idaho or one of the many other schools has developed? The manual question wizard is very slow to use and it can be frustrating to get faculty to use another college's test creator only to have them move to Canvas or…
Have any of you successfully created an Argos database Source for the Blackboard Saas PostGre (Read Only) database?  If so, can you tell me some of the particulars (Database Driver,  ...) ? Thank you,   Susan Sawczuk
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