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The first rule of upgrade club is that everyone talks about upgrade club.   The purpose of this thread is for anyone doing an upgrade this year to check in, state what version/platform they are on now, and to what version they plan to upgrade.  Maybe we can find some useful common ground and exploit some synergies?   At Southampton it feels like… (Show more)
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On our self-hosted system, I have a couple modified CSS files to make our login page look like this...     With our move to SaaS, when asked about having my modified CSS files put into /blackboard/docs/themes/as_2012/theme1.css and theme2.css, I was told.....   As per the Blackboard Client Support Guidelines, Blackboard, Inc. does not provide… (Show more)
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One of our instructors is in grade center, but there is no scroll bar to scroll through the assignments horizontally.  She is using a Mac.  Has anyone seen this as well?  Was it correctable?  My research indicates that there is a step she can take (I've given directions to her).  Just wondering if anyone here has experience.
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Looking to learn more about what’s trending in education? Here’s a recap of some of this week’s top education news. Let us know what you think about this week’s news in the comments below. Trump Wants to Drastically Alter the Education Dept. Here’s What You Need to Know. Chronicle of Higher Education A U.S. Department of Education and the…
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I'd love to hear from anyone loading student ID pics into Learn.  Would love to know of any scripts to automatically pull them in from SIS.  Thoughts? Ideas?
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How many courses will each user be allowed to create and teach for free out of the new CourseSites in the Ultra Experience?
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