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To extend analytics understanding and capability of staff beyond the integrated A4L reports, CSU has trialed various representations of A4L data, within and outside Pyramid, to present both analytics staff have requested, and analytics they didn't know they could request. In time we hope to make the most popular of these manual reports automated…
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Hi All   I had not noticed any posts about this so far.  We were very surprised to find that the behaviour of "non-immediate" announcement emails has changed in 2018 Q2.   Today we installed 2018 Q2 on a dev server (self-hosted RHEL/Oracle) and as part of our post upgrade test we checked the announcement feature, both with "Send a copy of this… (Show more)
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Hello,   As managed hosted, we just moved to Q2 2018 this night and the course content is not available (I have created a ticket in BTBB) but maybe someone here knows how to deal with such a situation : Here is the message we have when accessing all courses : "Warning: Course Link: Item is unavailable. The Instructor may require you to view… (Show more)
This would provide an option to make assessments available offline for students in the form of a PDF to download and/or print.
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Hi,   How can I resize login page.   Thank you,
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It has been a very frustrating beginning of the school year.  We have all our instructors set up to use Coursesites (original view) and they began inviting their students.  However, when students couldn't add more than one class, parents began contacting tech support.    At that point we learned that a student needs to have a separate log in for…
Is there anyone else getting reports of users having difficulty uploading a file (i.e., file upload assignment), and perhaps getting this error message? We are getting this in Microsoft Internet Explorer, and slightly older versions of other major browsers. If you are, how are you addressing it (or how did you address it)? We are on SaaS BbL… (Show more)
As explained in New announcement email behaviour in 2018 Q2  the behaviour of individual announcement notification emails has been changed without consultation nor communication.  This undisclosed functionality change means that when an announcement notification email is sent it does not include the text of the body of the announcement and…
Has anyone figured out how to create a grade column that accepts letter grades? I want to create a "Course Grade" column in which I can manually assign the final course grade for each student. The old system allowed for this, but I can't seem to do so in the new Ultra system.   I created a new grade column item, and I selected Letter as the… (Show more)
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Curious to see what metrics are being used to demonstrate that course redesigns have had a positive outcome on learning?
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