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Terry Patterson
Our two part series with the two Wades of Blackboard wraps up this week. Wade Weichel with Product Management talks about his background and role in helping shape Blackboard. We learn how studying Journalism helps his current position and his work with IMS Global. Sit back for an engaging conversation on this edition of Blackboard Chalk Talks.
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Scott Hurrey mentioned this the other day during our Technical Office hours... You can upgrade a 3000.x DVM using the same installer package that you use for a self-hosted system. This blog post will show you how easy that is, after a brief plug for our office hours. If you've not attended, office hours a great way to get answers to your questions
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Greetings!   A colleague who is designing a series of self-paced courses reached out to me recently, and asked if it was possible to set up an "Adaptive Release" like structure, so that when a student completes a set of criteria in one course (for example, completes the specific "final exam" assignment in that course), this triggers the SIS