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Click to view contentMain thread: Learn 2016 Theme - CSS gallery  Here is the current version of our theme, put together by myself and Sam Cole with help from the Blackboard community.  We put this together over two months having started from scratch with little knowledge of CSS.  You can find out more in our talk TLC Europe 2019 - "Bluffer's Guide to Customising the…
I've often had questions like "Where do I find the Q4 2018 Learn Installer?" This brief video shows you how to use Behind the Blackboard to find the installation package you are looking for.
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This idea would involve installing a Blackboard-built plugin to your browser that would allow instructors to do things like, “Generate 5 Multiple Choice Questions” from an interesting journal article. The assessment could be automatically created in Blackboard for you to edit and publish to students.
What are you hoping to learn at BbWorld 2019? Are there keynotes or sessions you are already planning to attend?
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Click to view contentPaging is a bit tricky with the Blackboard API, and has caused a few bugs in some of our code.  I'd like to take some time to explain why it's tricky, and to provide a way to avoid the same things I ran into.  Possibly an important note - we are still on 3400.  I'm not sure how much has changed since that version.   Background Paging is a good… (Show more)
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My Messages creates a My Message module at the course and organization level. It lists all courses with messages in the inbox and presents a direct link to the inbox within the appropriate course.   Screen Shot of My Messages Module with No (Course) Messages: Screen Shot of My Messages Module with One (Course) Message: Screen Shot with One…
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Click to view contentDate: October 9, 2019 Topic: The Road to Ultra: Preparation, Communication, an Support Description: In this encore performance of their BbWorld 19 session, Northern Illinois University will share their approach to preparing for enabling the Ultra Base Navigation and their support plan for Ultra Course View. In addition, we will share the…