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The documentation for extracting grade values with REST says I can identify the columnId via the externalId. I was hoping this would be the same as the name. I could then eliminate the request for all the columns in the course just to find the id of the column I wanted. When that didn’t work, I requested all the information for all the columns.… (Show more)
Hey again BB Community!   I am trying to insert in a few records (this is a test run) into our bblearn database. My code is as follows:   String insertStatement = "INSERT INTO BBLEARN.KSU_KSOT(version) VALUES(?)";… (Show more)
With the recent update to Kaltura student's embedded videos using the mashups tool are not working.  I noticed SafeHTML is parsing out code after submission thus breaking the embedded video.  You can see the difference here: Saved diff tVQ55clx - Diff Checker.   Do we have any SafeHTML gurus that could help me allow student Kaltura embeds to work… (Show more)
by reviewing the Known Issues for the Blackboard App Article located at The Blackboard app uses an Internal or “In-app” browser called webView, which is unable to process the Javascript required to cross-launch the Zoom Client and join a Zoom Meeting.   When a user clicks on a Zoom…
About WNY BUGThe mission of the Western New York Blackboard User Group is to: Support the community by collaborating and sharing expertise in the use of Blackboard for emerging innovations, teaching and learning, and community building.   What is a BUG? Blackboard User Groups, or BUGS, bring together Blackboard users interested in networking,…
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SPEAKERS: Christopher Brandt, Director for Business Intelligence, Concordia University - Wisconsin Andy Miller, Director for Academic Advising & Retention, Concordia University - Wisconsin   This presentation will focus on Concordia’s complete solution- the context, the problem, the solution- beginning with a simple customization to the…
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I saw youtube mashup on Blackboard and it is impressive. I would like to code a similar mashup like Youtube. However, I can't find much information online. Does anybody has any sample code or tutorial?
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Hello,   I downloaded login.jsp and updated with new code. However, the login page isn't showing the same thing as the preview. How do I update the login page with the new login.jsp, I've waited two days and cleaned caches. Do I have to open blackboard ticket for this?