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 Task :install:legacy:licenseReplace FAILED   Error while running tool blackboard.apis.updatetools.tooldefs.system.LicenseReplaceTool with args D:/blackboard/config/license/blackboard-license.xml -FORCE norestart skip-updates Review log logs/update-tools/update-tool-log.txt for details       FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.   * Where:… (Show more)
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Click to view contentBelmont University in Nashville, TN has a job opening for an Instructional Technology Specialist. The Instructional Technology Specialist is responsible for supporting and training faculty as they integrate technology into their courses. This individual must stay current on trends in instructional technology, make recommendations for new… (Show more)
Roosevelt University is looking for an Instructional Technology Manager for their Chicago Campus.   Job Summary: The Instructional Technology Manager will support Roosevelt University faculty in the identification and use of best in class instructional technologies; including multimedia and web technologies. The Instructional Technology Manager… (Show more)
Hi, all. I'm new to the Blackboard world.   I have a request here to implement a clean-up on the courses every term. We should remove every courses that that has started in a period of 2 years.   I've been told that this should be done using the GUI and selecting the radio that keeps all the files. The reason is that we deleted once using the… (Show more)
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Hello,   I've noticed some deprecated material that has carried over year to year from an old template we used to use.   I'd like to see some sort of tool that would allow for batch removal of a course content area (or any sort of link, etc listed directly in the content area) from all courses site wide, assuming the content area matches all…
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Mariann Hawken
Here are the resources for the November meeting:   Slide deck Agenda Charter draft - feel free to leave comments   Meeting recording (Collaborate)   Please take our survey!
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Below you will find the Blackboard recommended JVM settings with 8gb and 16gb of heap.   Heap Size Settings 8 gb ## java virtual machine config - java bound processes ## bbconfig.min.heapsize.tomcat=8192m bbconfig.max.heapsize.tomcat=8192m bbconfig.max.stacksize.tomcat=1M   bbconfig.jvm.options.extra.tomcat=-XX:NewSize=2048m -XX:MaxNewSize=2048m… (Show more)
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