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  Please RSVP by Friday, July 14th.   If you have any questions, please comment below or send an email to   We look forward to celebrating with you and will miss all those in the Community who are not able to attend BbWorld this year!
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We are moving to Blackboard Learn for the upcoming semester and I have been given the task to write a manual for the test tool in Learn. I'm struggling to find good reasons to recommend using random block over question set. From what I can see random block is a less versatile sibling and anything you could do with the random block could also be… (Show more)
Can someone provide a link to download Blackboard Learn Developer Virtual Machine instance (the “Bb Virtual Machine”) . If I follow the link listed on the tutorial it redirect to login, but after I successfully login the page is blank.   Any help. I want to setup the Blackboard Learn Developer Virtual Machine instance for a future project but I… (Show more)
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Let instructors in Blackboard Learn see the faces of their students to identify them during proctored exams, to learn their names, to use as attendance sheets.   Watch video about it: Blackboard photo roster to support inclusive teaching and student engagement - YouTube   Read about it: "Computer Software Release: Open Photo Roster" by Szymon…
bbStats tracks concurrent sessions on the system at the database level for all application servers. It provides user reports by activity levels.   Settings allow for selecting the date range for graphs, limiting access. The interface is compatible with mobile devices like the iPhone.   Overall CPU and Memory resource graphs are in planning to…
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Is there a way to "Select All" with the results returned from the MoodleRooms/Joule Reports?  For example, running an exception report on everyone who has not posted to a forum and wishing to email them all.   Perhaps I am missing it.... Thanks! Scott
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One of our new faculty created a randomized essay question this past week and after the students had taken the quiz, quickly found out that Moodle will *NOT* group the questions together so that she could grade all the "like" questions together.   A quick scan of the Moodle Community forums turns up that another user was literally just asking…
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I am working on blackboard integration and I need to create an assignment in blackboard using API. Let me know which API should I use to create an assignment. Please help me for creation an assignment in backboard using API.