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We are pleased to announce that we will be launching a new Alexa Skill for Blackboard Learn later this month. This integration will be the first Alexa Skill officially released by Blackboard.    What is the Blackboard Alexa Skill?  The Blackboard Alexa Skill allows Blackboard Learn users to request and receive information about

Taking a quick poll to see how other universities are managing course creation/provisioning for each semester.  It's a quick survey should only take about 5 minutes at the max. John Lane, Paula Lee, Matthew Deeprose.
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Full disclosure, I'm not a system admin, but I'm hoping someone can help with a technical question. We recently did a training for adjunct faculty on using SafeAssign in their classes and a question came up about how the SafeAssign algorithm determines the percentage score. This faculty member has noticed that the percentages appear to be much