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Too many courses in My Courses

Question asked by sl28274 on Mar 30, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2018 by JScocozza

We were wondering if any other institutions experience this challenge, and if so, how you deal it?


Challenge: We have an a few special users that have administrative oversight to all of the faculty's courses in our Learn.

Solution: We created a user role for them that gives read access to all the courses in the system.

Side Effects: These users see a disorganized list in their My Courses.

The expectation: Courses be displayed first-in first-out, i.e. newest courses would be displayed first while older courses would be in further pages.


These users had tried to manage this by going into the My Course settings and turning off irrelevant courses from view, but it became tedious as it involved thousands of clicks to individually uncheckmark courses from view. Also, despite having turned off several courses, instead of showing remaining checkmarked courses, My Courses doesn't show any courses at all, i.e. limited to only the last "100" courses for viewing.


Does anyone else have this issue?