2020 Conference Keynote Ideas

Discussion created by aauthier on Nov 19, 2019
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Planning for the Spring Conference is in full swing (registration and CFP will open on December 16th). As part of this process, we always review feedback from past events and try to incorporate as much as we can. One of the ideas that has gained steam over the past couple of years is to have a moderated panel discussion during the general session instead of a traditional keynote speaker. A panel could help us meet the increasingly diverse make-up of our attendees (IT, faculty, instruction, administration, etc.), and take one of two forms:


  • A student panel made up of K12, CC, and University students that could provide us with insights into their expectations, needs, and decision making processes in the context of online learning environments (potentially based on the findings of the Online College Students 2019 Comprehensive Data on Demands and Preferences report), OR
  • A professional panel made up of K12, CC, and University staff and faculty from a variety of areas to discuss strategies for meeting the criteria outlined in the Blackboard Quality Learning Matrix that last year’s keynote speaker, Darcy Hardy, shared with us.


I think these are great ideas, but I also know that panel participants can be notoriously difficult to line up – so I’m looking for some additional help/feedback from the group. If you have comments, additional ideas, or (better yet) an interest in helping to organize something like this, please let me know by joining this discussion or messaging me directly.


Thank you all in advance!