Snap feature request:  My Courses "Grading" panel to be filtered by group

Discussion created by birdyoz on Jan 24, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2019 by rd0069214

It is common practice at my training providers (and elsewhere) to to divide the students within a unit/course into groups.

A teacher is then assigned to each group (ie they are also added as a member of the Moodle group). This teacher is responsible for the marking of any assignments that are submitted by members of that group.

The SNAP My Courses shows a grading panel, listing ALL ungraded assignments, regardless of group membership..


Teachers are complaining that this is overwhelming, as it lists assignments for students who are NOT in their group. The list can often scroll for many screens.

They have no ability to filter this list to just show their group of students and so are unable to locate assignments for their attention.

Could you please log this as a feature request with Bb? I can imagine two implementations:

  1. (Preferred). Snap to automatically filter this panel to show only submissions where the student is a member of the same group as the teacher. If there are no ungraded submissions from students in my group, this assignment should not be shown.
  2. A dropdown list be added to the top of the panel, to allow the teacher to filter for their group (or groups)