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Is the Publish to Mozilla facility in Achievements reliable?

Question asked by chrisboon on Jun 13, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2019 by wweichel

Following on from an excellent presentation from Tony McConnell about his use of the Achievements tool for awarding badges to staff for digital literacy ("Digital Olympics"), and students on a range of induction topics ("Virtual Academy") at yesterday's Further Education User Group meeting, we had a discussion about whether the Publish Badge to Mozilla facility works reliably.  I've spent some time testing this in the past when the Achievements were first launched, and have revisited it recently, and have always found this to be inconsistent.  I remember also reading that the Publish facility requires a Mozilla Passport but that there had been a change or withdrawal of this service a while ago.

We are currently investigating different options and platforms for the issuing of Open Badges and it would be very useful to know if the Blackboard tool is an option, or if we need the facility to export badges, would we be better to use something else?  We'd be very interested to hear about anyone else's experience using the Publish to Mozilla - is anyone using this reliably on their system 'in anger'?


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