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Posting text feedback in My Grades - original version BB

Question asked by on Aug 13, 2019
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In the original version of BB in My Grades, "comments" link was visible and available if the instructor entered comments in the first box titled "Response Feedback" for a test or discussion or assignment.  The student clicked on "comments" link in My Grades to see the feedback. That link is gone and if you enter feedback in the "response feedback" box (first box in assignments, tests, discussion, rubrics, etc.) the student does not know if you have left feedback unless s/he clicks on the assignment/test or discussion link itself. 

If the instructor leaves feedback in the "Feedback to learner" box, aka the second box,  then the "speech balloon" symbol appears in My Grades so it alerts the student that there is feedback to read. 

I still use the original version of the course, but My Grades feedback alerts to students has changed. There is no "COMMENTS" link any more. 

Will this be fixed soon or addressed?