Blackboard and Changes to Oracle Licensing for Java

Discussion created by feeney.linda on Apr 23, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2019 by ab28626

This weekend I was prompted to update Java on my laptop. Following the update was an announcement about changes to licensing for Java. Details at Java Future Release Notices


No doubt, Blackboard will obtain an enterprise license to cover server operations, at least for Managed Hosting and SaaS. Will institutions who self-host have to license individually? And what about the end user? While Java has mostly been removed from the Bb user interface, some vestiges remain. Java is also a part of Blackboard Collaborate (original).


I have logged a call on Behind the Blackboard asking about this issue. I really do not want to experience another mess like Crocodoc/Box/NBV. However, I know that the tech support folks are not likely to have much information.


Are there any developers here in the community that can speak to this issue?