Blackboard App and Turnitin Update: Displaying Tii Due Dates

Discussion created by eh0054212 on Feb 23, 2018
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Note: this post only applies to institutions using Turnitin.


I wanted to provide the community with an update around displaying Turnitin due dates in the Blackboard app. We really appreciate all the feedback that we have received on this, and will continue to provide updates going forward as more information is available.


We understand the need for students to be able to view all upcoming due dates across their courses in one place. To ensure the Blackboard app meets this need, we’re working with Turnitin to make Turnitin due dates available within the Due Dates feature of the Blackboard app. To enable this for clients using the Original Experience and the Ultra Experience, there is work underway that needs to be completed by both Blackboard and Turnitin. Here’s a summary of the items that we’re currently working on: 


  1. Turnitin Building Block to support Due Dates in Learn (Original Experience)
    Status: Complete. Turnitin will be releasing a building block update that will allow due date data to populate in the grade book column in Learn. 
  2. Blackboard to Support Turnitin Assignments (Original Experience)
    Status: In progress. Blackboard is working to expand support for due dates defined in more grade columns types including those from Turnitin so that these surface in the calendar view and in notifications.
  3. Blackboard & Tii to Leverage REST API to Exchange Due Date Information (Ultra Experience)
    Status: In progress.


Once these enhancements are complete, the Blackboard app will pick up the calendar items that have due dates from Turnitin. These items will behave just like other due dates within the mobile app. Find out more about Due Dates in the Blackboard app here. We understand that this is very important and will continue providing updates here as more information is available, including more clarity around timeline.


Again, thank you for the feedback on this!