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[Gradebook.WS003]Failed to load columns in new BB Ultra AMI

Question asked by mike.warner on Jun 11, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2019 by mkauffman

Hi all,


before we move to creating the REST library to interface with BB Ultra, I was testing the SOAP API using the latest BB AWS AMI (Release 3700.0.0-rel.16+d199432)  We're coming late to the party I know, but our major partners were using SOAP all along.  All web services are enabled and discoverable, and the proxy tool is registered and available.   So far, the only thing that seems to have changed is that the lms family code no longer has a space between Blackboard and Learn (it's now BlackboardLearn).  
Registering the proxy tool went as expected, and it I was granted all of the same tool entitlements as always. (We've been running SOAP integrations for a couple of years)  When I try to create grade cols, however, I get the following error message.  Google was no help in troubleshooting, and I couldn't find anything here in the BB community.  Any ideas? 
[Gradebook.WS003]Failed to load columns