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Blackboard app/Qwickly LTI

Question asked by eb0071065 on Apr 10, 2019

Hello there


Has anyone had any issues using the blackboard mobile app and the Qwickly attendance tool? We have found that if we use the B2 with the mobile app, there is no issue, however if we use the LTI then the link is grayed out making the LTI unusable.


After a chat with Qwickly support they more or less said it was an issue for blackboard to resolve and that it only occurs when  an LTI link is placed in the course menu.


We have a workaround where we have made a placement using the course content tool and then we have made that link launch in a new window, the only issue with that from our perspective is that the student has between 5 or 6 clicks to get to the LTI launch, so this isnt really a great option.


Has anyone had any luck in getting the LTI to work on the Blackboard app?


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