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My Messages B2 for SaaS 3600.0.0 (Original Experience)

Question asked by rs0048203 on Mar 1, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2019 by rs0048203

My Messages creates a My Messages module at the course and organization level. It lists all courses with messages in the inbox and presents a direct link to the inbox within the appropriate course.

Screen Shot of My Messages Module with No (Course) Messages:


Screen Shot of My Messages Module with One (Course) Message:


Screen Shot with One (Course) Message after clicking link:


If a future release of SaaS 3600 uses Java 11 then My Messages (version 2.3.1-q4.2017) is not recommended.

My Messages B2 will NOT work in Ultra (if your institution desires My Messages B2 for Ultra please reply below).

UNM is currently running My Messages B2 (version 2.3.1-q4.2017) on Production - Blackboard Learn Q4 2017 CU2 (Self Hosted).

UNM plans to post My Messages for Q4 2018 (tentatively) on OSCELOT about May 2019 since UNM is self hosted and Learn Upgrades are planned during the semester break.

Please reply below if you have successfully installed and tested OSCELOT My Messages (version 2.3.1-q4.2017) on any 3600 release (or if have issues).

Please mention: SaaS Release.

My Messages may work with SaaS, but believe this would best be done as a Custom B2 migration to LTI + REST API. (If interested in developing My Messages as a Custom B2 migration to LTI + REST API please reply below).

MyMessages is a rebuild (with modifications) of Bruce Tenison's (OSCELOT Archive) MyMessages B2 - Thank You Bruce!

Supplemental Information: My Messages

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