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Unable to get autorization CODE on Blackboard Learn

Question asked by dpbhatt on Feb 4, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2019 by Peter Love

I had subscribed and installed "Blackboard Learn for REST and LTI Developers" (AWS Marketplace: Blackboard Learn for REST and LTI Developers ) on the AWS. The instance is running fine.

I have also registered with and got Application Key, Secret and Application ID. According to the documentation, I have also set up the REST API Integrations section in the blackboard instance.


Now I want to implement the OAuth 2.0 flow and I think I did all according to the documentation (, but I am unable to get the authorization CODE.


Following is the URL I have called to get the authorization CODE. When I hit the URL in a browser, my test application (ASP.NET MVC, C#) is not receiving any CODE, instead, it is getting an error, error_description and state value. The CODE parameter is null.


code = null

state = 1234

error = invalid_request

error_description = invalid client_id


I am calling the URL:


https://<Public DNS>/learn/api/public/v1/oauth2/authorizationcode?redirect_uri=https://localhost:44300/Home/OAuth2Response&response_type=code&client_id=<Application key>&scope=read&state=1234


Am I missing anything? Please help.


NOTE: Release 3500.7.0-rel.10+58ec50a