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License expiration / migrating data

Question asked by mb0040921 on Nov 13, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2018 by Peter Love

Hi all,


I just launched a BB Learn EC2 instance this morning and found the process incredibly easy compared to my previous self-installation experience under Windows.  Our plan is to populate this Learn instance with connections to a LTI tool we have developed for the library market, and use the instance for testing the tool as new enhancements are added.  It will also be used to train our customers on proper use of the LTI tool within the LMS.


My question is what happens on 2019-05-21 when the license for my BB Learn AMI/EC2 instance expires?  It seems safe to assume that a new AMI will be available around that time, and that I can launch a new instance based on that AMI.  But what about all the content that has been added to the existing instance?  Am I meant to "start over" each time the current license expires, or is there some means to upgrade the instance / refresh the license / migrate the data to avoid losing the current work?


In case it matters, we do have a current (paid) developer / partner license with Blackboard which we have been using for an older Windows-based Learn installation.


Thanks in advance for your help!