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Best Practice: Quota Exceeded, Maximum number of Learn sites allowed by its quota.

Question asked by rajbatchu on Nov 8, 2018
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Hello BB Community,

We have an application that we developed for our solution using 3LO/RESTFul API. We usually share our application id so schools can create the relevant RESTFul API application. We are trying this with couple of schools. While first couple of schools worked, we are facing issue an issue with 3rd school as below.


School sees:

Failure: Application developer has exceeded maximum number of client installations. Please contact the developer.



Developer Accoutn shows:

Warning: At least one of the groups you belong to has applications being used by the maximum number of Learn sites allowed by its quota.


How do we solve this issue related to quota's? What  are best practices?


1) Do we create a new application/key ID for each school and provide that one to each  school?

2) Is there an option to increase/remove limits quota so just this single application can be across multiple schools? This will help us with uniform solution and pushing the solution out.


  Any help/direction is appreciated.