2016 Theme on SaaS

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Hi all, I'm wondering how many folks are using the 2016 Theme. We're still using a modified 2012 theme and are considering updating, especially for mobile responsiveness, but are aware that there had been a lot of problems with the 2016 theme. But it's hard to tell how well Blackboard has fixed those issues with CD updates. We don't want to have to apply and maintain a lot of fixes to the out-of-box 2016 Theme. Any info would be appreciated!


I am aware of this thread: Learn 2016 Theme Issues & Fixes Master List , but since a lot of those folks might not be SaaS clients on the latest version, I don't know how many of those issues still apply.


We're on SaaS CD, currently at 3400.11.0-rel.11+e13ae3e but will be on 3500.0.0-rel.12+330e36a after tonight's update.




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