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Building block changes to UserDBPersister

Question asked by er0042361 on Aug 28, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2018 by er0042361

I am upgrading a Building Block to automate user creation. I use the following method in my Dev environment (9.1 Q4 2016):


UserDbPersister userPersister = UserDbPersister.Default.getInstance();



and it works.


I upload the building block to the production environment (9.1 Q4 1017) and the user's are not automatically created anymore. I am trying to find what might have changed between the dev. Environment and the Production environment to stop the Building Block from creating the users.


Could this methodology have been deprecated within that year? I checked the release notes, but didnt find anything.


Also, is there a better way to create users besides the way I listed above (last resort is to create an entirely new app and use the REST API, but I rather just figure out what the problem is here).


Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.