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How do you deal with Template courses and course copies?

Question asked by mdeeprose on Jul 20, 2018
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We are considering creating new courses based on template courses using SIS integration and the TEMPLATE_COURSE_KEY field.


The idea is to pre-populate courses with unavailable items that instructors would see with edit mode turned on which give guidance/suggestions/baseline requirements for what should be in each content area. 


We also leave it to instructors to use course copy to rollover their content into new courses for a new academic year - the concern is that if we have pre-populated the source course with these unavailable items, and they are also in the otherwise empty destination course, that when an instructor uses course copy they will end up with duplicates, and that over time these could build up and become a burden.


So I wondered if any other institutions are using TEMPLATE_COURSE_KEY to populate new courses have encountered this possible issue and how they have dealt with it?