June 2018 Territory Moot Webinars

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Dear Moodlerooms Community,


In our June 2018 Territory Moots we focused on the exciting features and updates that are included in our latest release: Moodlerooms 3.4. The 3.4 release notes page will be a living document over the course of this month, where we will share any updates as the release is improved. During the webinar, we covered the following updates:


  • Upgrade to Moodle Core 3.4.2
    • Better calendar management
    • Helpful type selector
    • Unified user management view
    • New filters for User Tours
    • Override completion status
    • GDPR Compliance features
  • iAssign
  • IntelliBoard 5.0
  • New plugins
    • Custom certificate
    • IntelliCart


In case you missed our Territory Moots, you can download the Moot presentation deck and/or watch one of the recordings for your territory:


Thanks for your participation!