Known issue with Achievement certificates in Q4 2016

Discussion created by dm36310 on Oct 30, 2017
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Hi all,


Just wondering if anyone out there has also encountered the known issue with Achievement certificates from Q4 2016+:


We are heavy users of the Achievement certificates that are generated when a user meets a specified criteria - we have business units that ask a large number of students to take a copy of their certificate as proof that they have completed lab induction quizzes and other similar student requirements each semester. We've already been in touch with Blackboard to find out if there will be a future solution or patch for this issue, but they've confirmed that no such work is currently underway.


At this stage we're thinking of developing a JSHack that adds a print button to the Achievement content item and generates a certificate using the information within the page (Achievement name, student name, date issued/generated) in a pop-up window, styled in a way that will print on a single piece of A4 paper.


Has anyone else out there done any other similar dev work on Achievements as a workaround solution to this known issue?