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In search of: Your best Grade Center advice!

Question asked by on Nov 29, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2019 by ksquire

We've got customers new to Learn - and I know many of you have been working with Learn for years! I'm looking for your best tips, tricks, gotchas, FYIs to include in a

“Grade Center Cheat Sheet”. My goal is not necessarily “how-tos”, but things to look out for when using the Grade Center. So far I have:


  • Hidden columns: from instructors vs. from students and how this impacts My Grades view
  • Copying courses and columns: general clean-up, why there isn't a delete option for some columns, using Column Organization, etc.
  • Extra credit: questions on tests vs. 0 pt columns – what else here?
  • General tips for lesser known functions: column statistics, color coding, categories, etc.


Help me (and your peers) out! What else do faculty, admins, and IDs need to know about the Blackboard Learn (Original) Grade Center?


Thanks in advance!